The kindly art of interrogation

"Notably absent from “Beauty and the Beast” is the motif that so often appears in other subtypes, the requirement that the female obey the male in not looking at him or betraying the secret of his identity. No tasks are set for her. She is allowed to come and go, is indeed asked at first whether she came of her own free will, and is *requested* to return for the Beast’s sake. The Beast assumes a passive role and Beauty an active one. The Beast basically sits around waiting to be rescued by the handsome princess."

"The day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking toward me, without hurrying."

Jean Cocteau, “Postambule” in La Fin du Potomac (via larmoyante)

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"It is a losing game mankind has played for more than a century. Sadness is what you are, do not deny it. The universe is a lonely place, a painful place. This is what we can share between us, period."

Caterine Vauban, I Heart Huckabees

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"It is difficult to ‘write directly about the soul. Looked at, it vanishes.’"

Virginia Woolf, in Hermione Lee's Virginia Woolf (via borjen)

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"In the morning I had a look so lost, a face so dead, that perhaps those whom I met did not see me."

Arthur Rimbaud  (via enjoui)

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